DPAC announcement

Parents/Guardians:  We need a parent representative for the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC).  The DPAC’s purpose is to advise the district governing board on the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCSP) and on academic success.  This committee meets monthly on a Wednesday morning from 9:00-11:30am.  For more information, visit the district webpage by clicking here.  

If you would like to be on the ballot as a CVH DPAC nominee, please submit your name in the CVH Parent Center or by submitting your name at tinyurl.com/18-19cvhdpac by August 20, 2018.  Voting will take place from August 20-24th.  


School Site Council VOTING

School Site Council VOTING

We need your vote for both our parent representatives and student representatives for School Site Council.  Please cast your vote by clicking on the link below.  All voting closes Monday at 8:00am.


De parte del comité consultivo del plantel necesitamos sus votos para su representante estudiantil y de padres . Por favor haga clic en el enlace para dejar so voto. Las votaciones estarán abiertas hasta las 8 de la mañana el lunes 13 de Agosto.


Student Link to Vote- tinyurl.com/18-19cvhstudentvote


Parent Link to Vote English – https://goo.gl/forms/o8LNn4JdjN8osdoE3


Parent Link to Vote Spanish-https://goo.gl/forms/OCEMU7XQ1ah0Ose12


SSC Parent and Student Nominations

“Our School Site Council is looking for parent and student volunteers to form our 2018-19 committee.  We meet the second Tuesday of every month and it’s formed from elected members.  All parents and students have the opportunity to be involved by submitting their name to be placed on the ballot.  The School Site Council develops, monitors, and evaluates the Single Plan for Student Achievement and provides input Title 1 funding.  Click on the following link to add your name to the ballot or stop by the main office to complete a form. “


Student Link- tinyurl.com/18-19cvhsscstudent

Parent Link- tinyurl.com/18-19cvhssc