Cheer Team Tryouts

CVHS Cheer Team Tryout Update

Hello to all of you out there interested in trying out for Chula Vista High School Cheer Team for the 2020-2021 season. I wanted to give you a heads up on how we are running our tryouts this year during this pandemic. 

First,  I want to let you know, we will not be having tryouts until we go back to school. When we get info about going back to school I will post and give you an exact day. Until then I have posted the try out dance, cheer and jump that you will be tested on at tryouts.

 I figured many of you can’t leave the house so you have plenty of time to learn it before we go back to school. Pass it on to anybody wanting to try out for the team this coming school year. During this time we want you guys to focus on your studies and your families and not have to worry about making a team or not. Enjoy your family time at home and don’t worry about cheer tryouts till we go back to school. 

Here is the link to CVHS YouTube


Coach Vanessa & Coach Patterson
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