Cap and Gown Order

The last two days to order your cap and gowns on campus is Thursday February 2nd and Friday February 3rd at lunch in front of the ASB.

There have been some questions regarding the keeper cap and gown. Just to clarify, if you order a keeper cap and gown, the tassel is included.


DiAnne – ASB Dean


Gallup Hope & Engagement

Below is a link to access all the Gallup Hope, Engagement, and Well Being survey links.  Last year, the CIS coordinators facilitated the administration of this survey.  Most schools participated in this process and the data we received has been important in guiding the work we are currently engaged in.

We want to continue to hear our students voices as we make decisions that impact them.  We are strongly encouraging every site to participate this year. Please copy and paste your school’s link to a location where your students can take it (i.e. school website).  Please make sure you copy the correct link to provide to your students.