We want to know what you think about school food!

We want to know what you think about school food!


Hello CVHS students, staff and families. Our district’s Nutrition Services department wants your feedback with what sorts of food we’re eating and more! Please take a few minutes to click on this link and complete the survey. Our body and mind deserve it!


We want to know what you think!


Your opinion helps the department in creating menus, sourcing food from vendors, and improving the quality of food and experience for school meals. It lets them know how aware you are of things they’re already doing (like Farm To School programs to bring more locally grown food to schools), as well as things you’d like to have!


Thanks for the time, and for being part of this process. The department is listening for your voice.



Cap and Gown Orders

Students will be able to order their class rings, cap and gowns and graduation announcements at lunch time on Wednesday & Thursday, February 21st & 22nd at lunch In Front of the ASB Office. They had to change the original dates they were coming so this is the new dates. This will be the last 2 days for seniors to order. Parents/Seniors can also order on line at www.socalrecognition.com