Curriculum Library (Teachers)

Resource for Teachers

                                              WebQuests by ACT Now! Participants

• Population Quest by Heather Huckaby (CVH)
• Genethics by Steve Rodecker (CVH)
• The Star Spangled Banner by Julie Russell and Gabriella Lopez (HM)
• Countries by Dora Islas, Christine Bashore, Patty Paluso, Daniel Moylan and Richard Helwig (STC)
• Genetically Caused Diseases by Julie Walker (RDM)
• Tailing the Samurai’s Tale by Dan Fickett (BVM)
• Shakespeare’s World: Then and Now by Hugh Peebles (CVJ)
• Painting Mt. Rushmore Red by George Kohrt (MVM)
• Becoming Japanese by Laura Luchau (GJH)
• Career Quest by Ken Callaway (SUH)
• Get a Life! by David Hedges (CPH)
• King Arthur’s Round Table Roll Call by Robin Pulido (St. Rose)
• Iwo Jima by Jerry Forand (SUH)

Other Exemplary WebQuests
• Matrix of Webquests collected by Bernie Dodge
• Searching for China by Tom March
• Democracy in Schools by Carla Mathison, Cathy Pohan and Jodi Reed
• Archaeotype WebQuest by Bernie Dodge
• Student Projects from Kathy Ferenz’s EDT 628 class at SFSU, San Francisco
• Student Projects from Kathleen Schrock’s ED 560 class at Bridgewater State in Massachusetts