Welcome to the Chula Vista High School Library

chula vista high school library sign

Library Hours:

Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM

We are available before school, after school, and at lunch to get your books or do work. Students who come to the library during class time must show a valid library pass or proof that they are not scheduled for a class that period.


All students are welcome as long as they observe classroom and library rules and are respectful to each other. We recognize that students need a quiet and safe place to study, do school work or research, and read for pleasure. The library media center provides this for them.


Students may check out textbooks, library materials and obtain research help at any time during normal library hours. A current school I.D. card must be presented to check out books or use the computers. The 38 computers in the library are for research and school related work only. Computers have Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Front Page, Inspiration, and Internet Explorer applications.

Mrs. Gilmore and Mrs. Thurston-Hernandez are here to help you with your research projects, papers, or your reading needs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know and we’ll help you find it. We listen to your recommendations of new titles for our collection. New titles are added on a monthly basis so stop by, check us out, and see what we have to offer.

Use the Library Catalog [make this a link] to search for books. There are over 20,000 books in the library. We also provide access to many databases that are listed in the Extras at the bottom of the search page. Ask the librarian for a Quick Reference sheet to get user name and passwords for databases.

Find out about current Library Programs and Resources [make this a link] on our Library Blog.

Library Guidelines: 

  1. Listen to teachers and library staff and follow their directions.
  2. Show respect to others by keeping voices lowered, and refraining from touching others or their personal property.
  3. Take care of school property, especially laptops, textbooks, and library books.
  4. Consume food or drinks outside (water is okay).
  5. Clean up after yourself.
  6. Carry your student ID at all times.
  7. Computers are used for schoolwork only. Do not change computer settings or abuse your Internet privilege. Printing is free as long as it is for a class paper or project.

Library Policies:

  • You may check out five books at a time.


  • You have three weeks to read your books. If you need more time you may renew them once on or before the due date.


  • You must have all overdue textbooks and library books turned in before you can check out more library books.


Find out more …

Laptops [link to info below – it should be its own page]


Textbook Policy [link to info below – it should be its own page]


Library Mission [link to info below – it should be its own page]


We look forward to helping you with your work here at Chula Vista High.


Library Staff

Janice Gilmore

(Teacher Librarian)


Janet Thurston-Hernandez

(Library Technician)



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Student Laptop Contract:


Students and parents share the responsibility to care for the mobile device issued by the Sweetwater Union High School District.


Students/Parents are responsible for the repair cost for any instances of breakage or damage to the mobile device.


Laptop Replacement Fees (as outlined in the Laptop Contract):

Lenovo Yoga 11e replacement cost:        $411.50

Lenovo laptop cord charge:                        $40.00

Lenovo vandalism charge:                        $100.00

Lenovo broken screen charge:                   $250.00

In the event a mobile device is stolen, a police report must be filed immediately. Please report stolen laptops to the library and AP’s office.


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Textbook Policy

Student/Parent Textbook Guidelines Agreement
Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

It is our goal to provide each student with a district adopted textbook for every course.  The library checks out textbooks to students and provides access to textbooks during school hours. Each student will be issued a textbook that has a unique bar-code number and students must return that textbook with the same bar-code.

Textbooks are necessary learning tools; care for them as you would any expensive items.  By covering textbooks you can keep them from incurring serious damage and it will assist you in recognizing your textbooks among others.   Tip: Write your name on the inside cover as soon as it is checked out to you.

Students are responsible for paying the replacement costs ($60 – $210 per textbook) for lost or stolen textbooks and for textbook damage.  All replacement costs and damage fines must be paid in cash. Be sure to review each textbook when it is checked out to you and report any previous damage.

Please Note: Even if a teacher allows a student to keep books in the classroom, the student is still responsible for his/her books.

Student and Parent Responsibilities:
·   Students must return/pay for all their previous year’s textbooks before the new school year begins.
·   Students must return/pay for all their textbooks before they are allowed participation in extracurricular activities including the graduation ceremony.
·   Incoming students must return/pay for their previous schools’ textbooks before the new school year begins.


  1. Cover your textbooks and write your name on the inside front covers.
    2. Do not let your friends borrow your textbooks or leave them in classrooms because you are responsible for returning your textbooks in good condition.



 Mission Statement

The mission of the Chula High School Library Media Center is to teach students to become proficient readers who can skillfully access, evaluate and use information in order to be able to integrate information literacy skills into all areas of learning.  The overall goal is to create a model program as outlined by the Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools.



  • Reading Support – stimulating interest in reading and providing a safe and inviting space in which students can access reading materials in a wide range of subjects, reading levels, and formats (including but not limited to: books, periodicals, magazines, graphic novels, eBooks).
  • Curriculum Support – providing an array of non-fiction books and data bases to reflect the Standards in all subject areas.
  • Information Literacy – giving instruction in information literacy so that students are able to: recognize when information and efficiently locate, evaluate, and use information in a variety of formats.
  • Teacher Support – working with teachers to develop educational strategies to meet the information needs of students through the use of supplementary materials such as kits, DVDs, audio-books, eBooks, and class novels.
  • Technology Integration – providing space and time for students to practice and refine technology skills in computers, media, and other technologies such as district provided Lenovo Laptops.
  • Community Outreach – welcoming family and community members to access library resources for training and meetings; and to encourage volunteerism in the library.

Online textbook access is limited to the following courses at this point:

Social Science

* Human Geography A.P.

* World Geography

* U.S. History A.P.


World Languages

* French

* Spanish

* Spanish for Spanish Speakers



* Comprehensive Health



* Biology A.P.


* Integrated Math I

* Integrated Math II

* Integrated Math III

* Pre-Calculus and/or

Pre-Calculus Honors

* Compacted Integrated

Math III/ Pre-Calculus