Mission Statement CVHS

Welcome to Chula Vista High School, The Home of Champions. We are pleased that your child is a student in our school system and welcome your input and involvement throughout your child’s school career. If you have specific questions about your child, please contact your child’s teacher or counselor for assistance (619)476-3300.

We encourage you to be involved at your child’s school.

Parent involvement has numerous benefits for students and parents. It is a process, not just a program of activities. Your interaction with your children is the cornerstone of parent involvement as parents are the central contributor to their child’s education. All parents have hopes and goals for their children and we look forward to partnering with you to support your child’s success in school.

There many resources available to help your child succeed. Here are a few successful habits that you can initiate at home to optimize your child’s success.

Create a quite study area. Make sure your child is not completing homework in front of the TV or in a loud area.
Ask to see your child’s planner on a daily basis. This will make him/her accountable for writing in it and create a positive habit to refer to the planner daily.
Require that your child bring home a weekly progress report. This can be used as a great communication tool between you and your child’s teacher.
Make time to organize. Require your child to keep an organized binder and backpack.
Designante a family reading time. Encourage your child to read and lead by example. It could be a section in the newspaper, magazine, or an outing to the local bookstore or library.