Alternative Household Income Survey

Survey Instructions

To access this survey log onto your district’s Infinite Campus Parent Portal at Https:// and select the survey link in your inbox.

This survey will be accepting responses from 07/01/2022 until 06/30/2023.

Dear SUHD Parents,

You’ve been invited to participate in a very important survey that will impact your child’s school funding and support services next year. A school’s State and Federal funding is based on the number of eligible Alternative Household Income forms that are submitted each year. This determines how much funding your child’s school will receive the following year, which allows for implementation of academic support programs and resources to support student academic success.

Resources and benefits for your child include:

  • Academic supports: tutoring and intervention programs after school and Saturdays
  • Classroom supplies and instructional materials
  • Classroom technology equipment and instructional software
  • High Schools:
    • Waivers for high school college admission exams
    • Fee-reduced high school exams (AP and IB exams)
    • Fee-reduced college applications

This survey will include the following two questions and a required E-signature:

  • Number of people living in the home?
  • Total Monthly Income?