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Assistant Principal of Student Activities
Courtney Petersen
(619) 476-3350

ASB stands for Associated Student Body, meaning the student government that supports and develops all of the extra-curricular interests of the Student Body of Chula Vista High School. This includes all of the athletic teams, clubs, performing groups, activities, assemblies, sporting events, and spirit development intended to build pride, uphold tradition, involve all students, and build a strong, positive climate at Chula Vista High School.

We are very proud of the great history of Chula Vista High School, and work tirelessly to ensure that our students have an appreciation of the Spartan community. This is accomplished through the dedicated efforts of many student representatives, class officers, Commissioners, and elected ASB Officers. These efforts include the careful, secure accounting of all financial procedures, the meticulous organization of large-scale activities, and the planning and organization of all student events and athletic contests. It is a very large task but one that instills in each student a lifelong appreciation for adept leadership.

You might think of ASB as being all of those activities and events that occur outside of the classroom. Studies have shown that the more involved students are in their school, the more successful they will be scholastically. We strive to involve all students.


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