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Welcome to the Spartan Parent Center

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Our mission at the CVHS Spartan Parent Support Center is to provide all parents with the tools to be active participants in all aspects of our children’s education. Our goal is to foster improved and supportive relationships among students, parents and teachers, which will result in significant academic achievement and social growth for CVHS students.

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What is the Parent Center?

  • A resource and information center, Click HERE for the Parent Center Events
  • An integral part of the Chula Vista High School community
  • A volunteer center

The Parent Center is a resource and information center. We can introduce you to the many services offered by various outside organizations in the community surrounding our school. You can learn about health insurance, counseling services, free classes for adults, family and self-improvement workshops, and much more.


The Parent Center is a very integral part of the Chula Vista High School community. We welcome you and support you in your desire and endeavor to help your children become successful students. We encourage your input and questions regarding all matters relating to the school, your child’s educational needs, as well as any family needs which may be affecting your child’s education. As a community, we are all in this together. Our common goal is to work together to pave the road that will lead our children to success.

The Parent Center is a volunteer center active in coordinating support to the staff and students of CVHS. There are many ways you as parents can help us. If you are interested in helping contact our Spartan Parent Center


How to Become a Parent Volunteer

To become a volunteer at CVHS please fill out the Parent Volunteer Form and return it to to the Parent Center.



Spartan Parent Center is located across the Counseling Center in Room 107B.



Community Relations Facilitator

Janelle Lopez

Coordinator of Integrated Services

Melanie Brown

Information and Resources Provided by the Parent Center

  • Fair housing information
  • Legal Aide Services
  • Parent/ teen and other mediation services
  • Food stamp information
  • Free childcare services
  • Disaster preparedness information
  • Substance abuse information
  • Mental Illness care resource information
  • Free classes, workshops and seminars
  • San Diego Office of Education parent conferences
  • Parent newsletters and websites information
  • District information regarding:
    • Uniform complaint procedures
    • Safety and security in the schools
    • School council representative opportunities
    • Adult school information
    • Regional Occupational Program information
    • Tutoring services
    • School map
    • Parent/Student handbook
    • Information on the laws regarding attendance in school
    • Weekly progress reports
    • Student work permit applications
    • Community service forms
    • Community service suggestions
    • General contact information for government and community agencies

And much, much more…