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Established in 1946 at Brown Airfield in Otay Mesa, Chula Vista High School is now located on the West side of Chula Vista. A proud, 64 year old campus displays the beauty of school spirit, excelling academics, and the new face of multiple upgrades. To compliment the massive fields that CVHS has surrounding it’s campus, older buildings have been recently remodeled, and new buildings have been built.

With the recent passing of Proposition O, CVHS is continuing to upgrade the school by remodeling the front of the gym and does not plan on stopping there. With plans of more buildings to better adapt to the growing population of students at CVHS, we are currently adding a Multi-Purpose (Theater) building as well as other additions to the already beautiful campus.

School Tradition: Do The Right Thing
CVH focuses on the five A’s of Spartan Excellence: Attitude, Athletics, Academics, Artistry and Attendance, and 30 percent of the student population is enrolled in the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA- click HERE to log onto the SCPA Official website).

Known by the community-at-large as a legitimate Home of Champions (HOC), the community believes that students leave CVHS prepared to be successful citizens and that we can accomplish what other schools cannot – Chula Vista High School does it right.
Rich traditions based on clearly articulated core values of fairness, equality, personal responsibility and high expectations for all students which help provide equal access to success. Upon graduation, many people come back to teach where they were taught. We currently have over 30 employees that were graduates of CVHS.

Basic traditions consist of wearing Blue and White every Friday throughout the year, wearing your Class Competition shirts every Wednesday, participating in the Wednesday activities held on the Big Lawn during lunch, NEVER stepping on the Spartan Seal, and always walking on the right side of the hallway.