Congratulations to our Photography District winners!

We had a total of 9 students place in the top two spots in 6 separate categories.

Digital Media Showcase. The winners will be announced during the ceremony.


1st Place CVH-Valeria Perez- Water Flower
1st Place CVH Zael Hernandez- Dali Dreams
2nd Place CVH Lizbeth Estrada Diaz- Orange
2nd Place CVH Tianna Phelps- Still Waters

Black and White Photography
2nd Place CVH Arleth Turrubiartes- Pensive

Portrait Photography
1st Place CVH Lizbeth Estrada Diaz- Little Angel

Documentary Photography
2nd Place CVH Susie Estrada- Having Fun

Motion Sports Photography
1st Place CVH Isabella Vargas- Hoop Dreams

Nature Photography
1st Place CVH Angel Leyva- Salty Sky